4 Person Dinghy

The maximum this boat can take is 4 people including small children. You will not be entitled to a refund if you bring more people and are unable to go.

About The Vessel

For a more intimate experience on the Mandurah Canals, opt for our four-person dinghy! This smaller vessel is great for couples or smaller groups who want to explore the Mandurah Canals, see wild dolphins, or stop for some crabbing or fishing. Please note that these vessels may not be suitable for those with limited mobility. They require 2 steps down and there isn't a handrail. We'd highly recommend a pontoon for those who need an easier boarding experience.

Our boats are a great value for those who want to be out on the water and be in charge of their trip. Our user-friendly boats are designed for all ages and abilities and you’ll receive a thorough safety review and instructions for your boat’s operations. We’re sure you’ll have a pleasant morning or afternoon with one of our boat hires.

  • Can hold a maximum of 4 passengers including children and infants.
  • Designed for fishing and crabbing.
  • Does not have clears on the sides for weather protection but does have a roof.
  • Plastic seating and a aluminium deck designed to be easily washed off.

Passenger Limits

The passenger limit of the vessel is 4 people and is a legal capacity that includes adults, children and infants over 12 months and cannot be exceeded. There are no exceptions.

What to Bring

  • Drivers license or photo ID
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Sunscreen
  • Music box
  • Jacket, as it can get cold on the water

Arrival Time For Your Hire

You will need arrive 15 minutes before your allocated hire time to checkin at the office and complete your waiver.

Once you head down to the jetty a 15 minute safety briefing will be given this is part of your hire time. Please ensure you return back at the jetty before the end of the hire time and have all your belongings together ready to disembark. 

Over peak times (School holidays and public holidays) Minimum hire time is 1.5 hours.

Important Information

  • No skipper’s ticket or boat drivers license is required when the boat is hired during day time
  • All boats have adult life jackets aboard and kids life jackets are handed out at the end of the safety briefing.
  • There is no smoking allowed on any of the boats
  • There are no toilets aboard.
  • You can fish and crab of this boat if you have a permit to fish off a boat.

What is Not Allowed on the Vessels?

  • There is no smoking allowed on any of the boats.
  • You can not operate any vessel while intoxicated. Zero tolerance.
  • You are not allowed to swap over passengers at our jetty during your hire.

Insurance & Bonds

We offer an insurance product for $20 per day which covers you for all accidental damage up to $5,000. Insurance is optional however if you choose not to take the insurance we'll ask you to pay a bond of $200 as security to cover any potential damage caused to the vessel. You can see a list of potential damages in the Terms & Conditions. The bond can be paid in cash or will be pre-authorised against your credit card and will be returned within 24-48hrs of the end of your hire. Sometimes the original transaction will disappear rather than a credit appearing.

Night Time Hire For Christmas Lights

A recreational skippers ticket is required to hire the boats on a night. We require a minimum of a 1.5 hour hire for an evening hire, more information and pricing here

4 Seater dinghy Mandurah boat and hire
  • 1.5 Hours hire $105
  • 2 Hours hire $140
  • 3 Hours hire $210
  • Half Day $250
  • Full Day $450