Where can I find the safety video?

You can watch it online here and you should also have a read of our Safety Book.

Where should we go?

Please see our recommended route for a 1.5hr hire here.

Do you provide life jackets?

Yes all the boats have adult life jackets aboard and child life jackets will be handed to you at the same time as your safety briefing.

Do I need a licence to hire a boat?

No skipper’s ticket or boat drivers licence is required when the boat is hired during the hours of daylight. A skipper’s ticket is only required for the Christmas light night hire. However, if you do not have a skipper’s ticket we can supply a guide at an additional charge we have a limit of 4 available per night. The guide will also take up one person on the boat limit.

Why don’t I need a skipper’s ticket to operate one of your boats during daylight hours?

Mandurah Boat Hire holds a Certificate of Operation which allows you to enjoy the waterways of Mandurah as long as:

  • The vessel stays within the estuary, marina, or peel inlet and does not go out to the ocean.
  • The vessel is not capable of exceeding 10 knots with one 75kg adult aboard. The vessel will be slower when full of passengers.
  • The driver must receive a briefing from Mandurah Boat Hire staff on the safe operation of the vessel and be deemed competent.
  • We provide on water support with our own rescue vessel.
  • We monitor all vessels on our centralised GPS system.
  • The vessel can only be used in the daylight hours without an RST

What time do I need to be there for my hire?

You will need to be there 15 – 20 minutes before your allocated hire time to ensure you have completed the Liability Waiver. Your safety briefing is scheduled to begin at the start of your hire time and is inside of your hire. You can reduce the amount of time required for the Safety Briefing by watching our Safety Video before the day.

How many people can I have on the boat?

Each boat is licensed for a certain number of people – this number includes all adults, children, and infants. i.e.; the boat is licensed for seven than the maximum people on board inclusive of all children and infants is seven. If you have a guide onboard they will also need to be allowed for as one of the people.

I have never driven a boat before, is it safe?

Yes, it is perfectly safe, just listen to the Mandurah Boat Hire staff and follow their instruction and if you’re unsure just ask the staff your questions. We are here to assist you, we are sure you will have a very enjoyable experience.

Do I need a to have a boat licence/ Recreational Skippers Ticket (RST) to Hire a boat to see the Christmas Lights?

Yes, you will need a skipper’s ticket and this will need to be produced at the time of hire.

Can I bring my dog on the boats?

Small low shedding dogs are welcome however we ask you not to bring dogs that shed a lot out of respect for other passengers. Cleaning fees will apply for dog hair left in the carpet and on seats.

Can I bring food and drinks on the boat?

Yes, absolutely.

Can I fish and crab from the boat?

  • We have certain boats that are suitable for fishing & crabbing  (8 person runabouts and the 4 seater dinghy's)
  • Please advise us you wish to fish when booking
  • You will need to hold a fishing from boat licence (issued by the Department of Fisheries)
  • You can bring your own fishing and crabbing equipment or you can hire it from us

Can I have BBQ on board?

No unfortunately our deluxe pontoons have carpet and are not suitable for a BBQ. There are lots of public BBQ's that you can stop to use during your day out.

Can I play music on the boats

The boats don't have stereos so you will need to bring a music box that you can bluetooth to via your own phone.

What is not allowed on your vessels?

  • There is no smoking allowed on any of the boats.
  • You can not operate any vessel while intoxicated. Zero tolerance.
  • No climbing on the roof, it's only for shade and is not structural.
  • No sitting with limbs outside of the vessel during transit.
  • You are not allowed to swap over passengers at our jetty during your hire.
  • No towing of any kind including other vessels and waterskis